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  • Recover Faster & Feel Better
  • Improve your circulation
  • Sleep So Soundly™

So Sound® Mattress

The So Sound® Mattress is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Featuring four So SoundHeart® Acoustic Resonators, embedded within the mattress; the music immerses you in a gentle and soothing sound wave massage, easing away stress and relaxing both your body and mind. Now imagine those waves were the strings of a cello, lulling you to sleep; then gently awaking you, feeling refreshed and ready for each new day. Instead of just hearing with your ears, you are now listening with your whole body.

Research shows that music can assist in lowering stress, heart rate, blood pressure, muscular tension, and even pain; while increasing circulation, and balancing brain waves for a significant restorative sleep experience.

Why do sound and music have such a strong effect on us?

“One answer is a process called entrainment, whereby various bodily processes, respiration, heart rate, and brain waves – synchronize with the frequencies of what we hear and feel. For example, a stroll along the beach becomes deeply relaxing as body rhythms entrain to the lulling sound of ocean waves. When you listen to slow, relaxing music, your heart naturally beats more slowly, breathing deepens, and brain waves slow down – all of which are linked with relaxation and healing”. Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.

“It is generally recognized that the ‘Pain gate’ can be shut by stimulating nerves responsible for carrying the touch signal (mechaoreceptors) which enable relief of pain through massage like techniques.” Melzack and Wall Study.

“When we listen and simultaneously feel sounds or music resonating through our body/mind, we engage a sensory integration and natural relaxation response that supports a more balanced state of being. This can have a very calming affect on all of us, including children with Special Needs”. Cecilia Cruse, MS, OTR/L, Abilitations Education Director

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